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Manuals - Sampling Heads

All documents are in pdf format and require Adobe Reader.

Sampling Heads
Aluminium Cyclone Sampler (Part Nos: 225-01-01/225-01-02)
Button Sampler (Part No: 225-360)
Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Cyclone Sampler (Part Nos: 225-68/225-317)
Disposable PPI (Preloaded) (Part Nos: 225-3841/225-3851/225-3861/225-3871)
Disposable PPI (Non-preloaded) (Part Nos: 225-384/225-385/225-386/225-387)
GS-1 Cyclone Sampler (Part No: 225-105)
GS-3 Cyclone Sampler (Part Nos: 225-100/225-103)
IOM Multidust Sampler (Part Nos: 225-70A/225-76A/225-79A)
IFV Pro Sampler (Part No: 225-49)
IMPACT Sampler (Part Nos: 225-390/225-392/225-3911)
Parallel Particle Impactor (PPI) (Part Nos: 225-380/225-381/225-382/225-383)
Personal Environment Monitor (PEM) (Part Nos: 761-200/761-200A/761-200B/761-203/761-203A/761-203B)
Personal Modular Impactor (PMI) (Part Nos: 225-350/225-351/225-352)
Plastic Cyclone Sampler (Part Nos: 225-69/225-69-37)
Sioutas Cascade Impactor (Part No: 225-370)