IMPACT Sampler

The SKC IMPACT Sampler is a patented single stage, inertial impactor, designed for the efficient collection of PM10, PM2.5 or PM Coarse in ambient air. A sampling pump operating at 10 L/min draws particulate matter through the impactor; larger particles are captured on a disposable pre-oiled impaction disc which fits into the top of the cassette while smaller particles collect on a 47 mm filter. The removable filter cassette enables fast media changes and includes a rain cover to protect the sampler when used outdoors.

The IMPACT Sampler is ideal for environmental PM sampling and indoor air studies. An optional quick-mount bracket secures the sampler virtually anywhere.

IMPACT Sampler for PM2.5
IMPACT Sampler for PM10
IMPACT Sampler for PM Coarse

A suitable sample pump to use with the IMPACT Sampler is the quiet, fully programmable Leland Legacy.

The DPS Sampling System includes the IMPACT sampler and the Leland Legacy pump.

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