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Polycarbonate Membrane Filters

Polycarbonate Membrane Filters are ideal for microscopy.

Polycarbonate Filters
  • Smooth surface for superior particle capture
  • Thin, transparent, and non-staining
    • Ideal for light and electron microscopy
    • Exceptional background for sample observations
  • Superior chemical resistance, thermal stability, and strength
  • Exceptionally low tare weight
  • Biologically inert
  • Maximum operating temperature is 140°C (284°F)
Polycarbonate Membrane Filters
Diameter (mm) Pore Size (µm) Support Pad included    Pack Size Part Number
25 0.4 No 100 225-1608
25 0.8 No
(use with IOM Sampler)
100 225-1601
37 0.4 No 100 225-1609
37 0.8 No 100 225-1602
47 0.4 No 100 225-1610

 Filter supports available

Preloaded Polycarbonate Filters

All SKC preloaded filters include supports and are in SureSeal leak-free cassettes that require a SureSeal Cassette Opener.

Diameter (mm) Pore Size (µm) Support Pad included Cassette Description Pack Size Part Number  
25 0.8 Yes 3-piece, conductive with cowl, banded 50 225-1604  225-1604 Preloaded Polycarbonate Filters in 3-piece conductive cassette, diameter 25mm, pore size 0.8 µm 
37 0.4 Yes 3-piece styrene (non-conductive with nozzle, microvacuum Each 225-9542 *  225-9542 Preloaded Polycarbonate Filters in 3-piece styrene cassette with nozzle, diameter 37mm, pore size 0.4 µm 
Cassette Opener, stainless steel, suitable for 25, 37, and 47-mm filter cassettes.
Required for all SureSeal Cassettes.
Each 225-13-5B  225-13-5B SureSeal Cassette Opener, for opening 25 or 37 mm cassettes 

* Available in a Carpet Sampling Kit.

Preloaded Polycarbonate Filters


Preloaded Polycarbonate Filters


SureSeal Cassette Opener