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Gastec Soluble Ion Tubes

Gastec Soluble Ion tubes enable the measurement of dissolved substances in solution by simply immersing the tube into a solution vertically. Pointing upward, the solution will rise up through the tube due to capillary action and react with the reagent in the tube, giving a reading without the need for laboratory analysis. Applications include soil and water contamination.

Gastec Soluble Ion Tubes

Tubes are supplied in packs for 10 tests.

Gastec Soluble Ion Tubes

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Chemical Tube Name Measuring Range (ppm) Part Number
Sulphide ion in solution
Sulphide ion 10-1000 810-211H
Sulphide ion 2-300 810-211M
Sulphide ion 1-100 810-211
Sulphide ion 0.5-20  810-211LL
Ozone in solution
Ozone 1-10 mg/L 810-218
Bromide ion in solution
Chloride ion 55-2200 mg/L 810-221L
Chloride ion 24-480 mg/L 810-221LL
Chloride ion in solution
Chloride ion 25-1000 mg/L 810-221L
Chloride ion 10-200 mg/L 810-221LL
Free residual chlorine
Free residual chlorine 0.1-10 mg/L 810-222
Mercury in solution
Mercury 1-20 mg/L 810-271
Chromium (VI) ion in solution
Chromium (VI) ion 0.5-50 mg/L 810-273
Iron ion in solution
Iron ion 5-50 mg/L 810-281
Copper ion in solution
Copper ion 1-20 mg/L 810-284  *    
Zinc in solution
Zinc 3-20 mg/L 810-285
Nickel in solution
Nickel 5-50 mg/L 810-291

* Refrigerated storage - tubes to be stored at ≤10°C

Gastec Detector Tube List
Gastec Detector Tube List

Gastec Detector Tube List