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Filter & Cassette Accessories

SKC offer a broad range of filter and cassette accessories.

Cassette Blanks

Cassette BlanksA range of cassette blanks to suit your application, including solvent resistant and conductive blanks.

Cassette Shrink Bands

Cassette Shrink BandsCassette shrink bands for sample identification.

Cassette and Filter Holders

Cassette Filter HolderThe SKC range includes speciality filter holders to suit a range of applications.

Filter Supports

Filter SupportsFilter supports in a range of materials, including cellulose, porous plastic and stainless steel.

Cassette Inserts

Cassette InsertCassette inserts for capturing the entire sample with no sample losses.

Cassette and Filter Storage

Cassette and Filter StorageA range of options for storing and transporting filters.

Filter Sampling Accessories

Filter Sampling AccessoriesSampling accessories for cassettes and filters.