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DataTrac® Pro Software for Bluetooth® Connected Pumps

DataTrac® Pro for Bluetooth Connected Pumps provides pump and data management from your PC/laptop. Up to 5 Pocket Pump TOUCH or AirChek CONNECT sample pumps can be simultaneously connected to your PC/laptop and DataTrac®Pro using the USB Bluetooth® adaptor.

DataTrac Pro Pump and Data Management Software for SKC Bluetooth Pumps

DataTrac® Pro software is only available by download (approximately 7Mb). Display preferences for units of temperature (°C or °F) and pressure (inHg or kPa) can be selected by the user, and the user can optionally set the STP (Standard Temperature and Pressure) for volume conversion.

The software is easy to use - it has only 4 tabs, detailed below:


System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11 operating system
  • DataTrac Pro Installer (included with installer)
  • Available USB 2.0 port
  • 1024 x 768 minimum display resolution

Hardware Requirements

  • USB Bluetooth® Adaptor for Pocket Pump TOUCH or AirChek CONNECT (Part Number 877-94)
  • Pocket Pump TOUCH or AirChek CONNECT Sample Pump(s)
History Tab

From the History tab, you can

  • Download and view pump sampling history at a glance
  • Get a quick overview of selected sampling events with the graphical display
  • View individual sampling events (including calibration) and previously downloaded sampling events, without connecting pumps
  • Save and export sampling data for reporting

DataTrac Pro history screen with pocket pump touch

Control Tab

From the Control tab you can

  • Monitor and control pump operation (run, pause, stop) during sampling.
  • View a sample summary when the pump is stopped.
  • Select the sampling mode (Constant Flow or Constant Pressure).
  • Calibrate selected flow rate.
  • Enter back pressure (Constant Pressure mode).

DataTrac Pro Control Screen

Presets Tab

From the Presets tab, you can

  • Program sampling presets, including sampling mode, flow rate, total sample duration, continuous or intermittent sampling, with or without start time.
  • Copy presets to selected pumps.

DataTrac Pro Presets Screen

Configure Pumps Tab

From the Configure Pumps tab, you can

  • Update pump firmware.
  • View complete information from connected pumps, including a quick status check, manufacturing date, and lifetime sample volume and erase the history from the selected pump.
  • Select pump settings (e.g, security lock, auto-dim, data logging interval) and display preferences.
  • Copy pump settings to selected pumps.

DataTrac Pro Configure Pumps Screen

Exporting Data

The history data can be exported to an Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet:

DataTrac Pro Data Export

DataTrac Pro Instructions

DataTrac Pro Software