Surface/Dermal Test Kits

Tools, switches, telephones, doorknobs, handles, etc. all offer exposure potential to the unsuspecting unprotected worker. Conveniently sized spray bottles of developing and decontamination solutions combined with fast acting SWYPEs (chemically treated wipe pads that change colour after coming in contact with these chemicals) enable the safety professional to identify and decontaminate previously unrecognised exposure sources. These kits provide a convenient method for identifying and controlling target compounds. These kits are OSHA validated.

Surface/Dermal Test Kits
Test Kit Contents

Each kit contains:

  • 75 Surface SWYPES, for colorimetric indication of contaminants on surfaces
  • 25 Skin SWYPES, for colorimetric indication of contaminants on skin
  • 20 PERMEA-TEC Pads, for colorimetric indication of chemical breakthrough in PPE or gloves
  • 450 ml Cleaning/Developing Solution, for preparing surfaces for SWYPES and developing the colour in Skin SWYPES
  • 650 ml Decontamination Solution, biodegradable, effectively decontaminates workplace surfaces
  • 90 ml D-Tam Skin Cleanser, formulated with high molecular weight ingredients that will not penetrate the natural skin barrier, removes water-insoluble chemicals
Description Part Number
Test Kit for Aromatic Amines 769-1001
Test Kit for Aromatic Isocyanates 769-1002
Test Kit for Aliphatic Isocyanates 769-1003
Test Kit for Aliphatic Amines    769-1005
Test Kit for Acid/Base    769-1006
Test Kit for Phenols    769-1007

† Does not contain Decontamination Solution but includes an additional 25 Surface SWYPES instead

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