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Manuals - Biosampling Equipment

All documents are in pdf format and require Adobe Reader.

BioLite+ Pump (Part No: 228-9620)
BioSampler (Part Nos: 225-9595/225-9593)
BioStage Impactor (Part Nos: 225-9611/225-9610)
Button Sampler (Part No: 225-360)
Microvacuum Surface Sampling Cassettes (Part Nos: 225-9540/225-9542)
Sterile Surface Swab Kit (Part No: 225-2402)
Stick-to-it Lift Tape (Part Nos: 225-9808/225-9809)
VersaTrap Spore Cassettes (Part Nos: 225-9820/225-9821)