Chromosorb Sorbent Tubes

Chromosorb® is a porous polymer sorbent and is used to trap low-boiling hydrocarbons, benzene, labile compounds, and volatile oxygenated compounds. Chromosorb® 106 is a hydrophobic sorbent and the least polar polymer in the Chromosorb family and is functionally similar to Anasorb® 727.

Chromosorb® 102 is used to trap chlorine-containing pesticides.

Chromosorb Sorbent Tubes
Chromosorb Sorbent Tubes

To select a tube for a specific compound refer to the SKC Sampling Guides or use our SKC online Hazard Database

Size (mm)
Sections Sorbent
Ends Tube
Separators Pack
Part Number
Chromosorb 102 8 x 110  2 100/50 GS  B    WWW 50 226-107
Chromosorb 102 8 x 110  2 200/100 GS  B    WWW 20 226-106A
Chromosorb 102 6 x 70  2 66/33 GS  A    WWW 50 226-49-102
Chromosorb 106 (purged) 1/4 x 3-1/2 in  1 350 SS  B    SWWS Each 226-358    §  
Chromosorb 106 (unpurged) 1/4 x 3-1/2 in  1 350 SS  B    SWWS Each 226-358-UP    §  
Chromosorb 106 10 x 150  2 600/300 GS  C    WWW 10 226-111A
Chromosorb 106 7 x 70  2 100/50 GS  B    WWW 50 226-110
Chromosorb 106 6 x 70  2 75/37 GS  A    WWW 50 226-49-106

Table Notes:

Tubes are chemically conditioned before shipping; use within 6 months or recondition. Restocking fee applies.
§ Each tube has a flow direction arrow and unique number.

Tube Ends:

GS:  Glass Sealed
GO:  Glass Open
SS:   Stainless Steel Open

Protective Tube Covers:

A:  6 mm OD x 70 mm length
B:  8 mm OD x 110 mm length
C:  10 mm OD x 150 mm length
D:  10 mm OD x 220 mm length and shorter tubes
P:   Low-volume PUF Tube Holder - Do not use an adjustable low flow holder
V:  OVS Tube Holder - Do not use an adjustable low flow holder


W:  Glass Wool
G:  Glass Fibre Filter
F:   Foam
N:   Nylon Ring
Q:   Quartz Filter
R:   Glass Spacer
S:   Screen
T:   PTFE Ring

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