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UMEx 300 Passive Samplers

The UMEx 300 Passive Sampler accurately and reliably samples workplace exposure to Ammonia. Constructed of tough polypropylene, the UMEx 300 contains a sulphuric acid treated tape for reliable collection of ammonia. Samplers are provided in individual aluminiumised pouches that can be reused to transport the sampler to a laboratory after sampling. For convenience and quality control assurance against contamination, each sampler incorporates a "blank correction" section in addition to the active sampling section so there is no need to send extra samplers to the laboratory. Analysis is by ion chromatography (IC) with conductivity detection for the ammonium ion.

The shelf-life date is printed on a label on the outside of each pouch for easy inventory management. The UMEx 300 Sampler includes a clip for attachment to a worker's collar for personal sampling, or in an appropriate location for area sampling.

UMEx 300 Ammonia Passive Sampler
  • Chemistry similar to active methods OSHA ID-188 and NIOSH 6016
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Highly sensitive and specific analysis method
  • Economical, low cost, single use sampler
  • Easy to use - no pump or training required
  • Sample medium and blank correction in one sampler
  • No particulate interference
  • Small and unobtrusive
  • Simple-to-use "on/off" sliding cover
  • Validated concentration range from 0.1 to 100 ppm
  • No glass or chemical liquids in the sampler
  • Use for personal or area sampling
Applications for Ammonia

Ammonia is one of the most commonly produced industrial chemicals. Workers can be exposed in ammonia in the following industries:

  • Agricultural (fertilisers)
  • Janitorial services (cleaners)
  • Food and beverage (refrigeration and fermentation)
  • Remediation (removal of contaminates)
  • Fuel
  • Manufacturing of plastics, explosives, pesticides, textiles and dyes
Sampling Rate    39.92 ml/min with a RSD (Relative Standard Deviation) of 11.4%
Validation Range    0.1 to 100 ppm
Lower Detection Limits    15 minutes: 2.4 ppm
8 hrs: 0.075 ppm
24 hrs: 0.025 ppm
Shelf-life    9 months from date of manufacture at <4°C (39.2°F)
Analysis    Solvent extraction and ion chromatography with conductivity detection for the ammonium ion or visible absorption spectrometry
Accuracy    ± 23.4%
Storage    Before use: <4°C (39.2°F)
After use: Analyze within 3 weeks. Store at ambient temperature or at <4°C (39.2°F)
Temperature Effects    No effect on sampling rate between 22 and 40°C
Humidity Effects    No effect from 20 to 80% relative humidity (RH)
Wind Effects    No effect from 5 to 100 cm/s
Interferences    None identified
Dimensions    8.6 x 2.8 x 0.89 cm (3.4 x 1.1 x 0.35 inches)
Weight    10.9 g (0.38 oz)
UMEx 300 Passive Samplers
Description Pack Size Part Number
UMEx 300 Passive Sampler for Ammonia.

Designed for single use only. DO NOT reuse UMEx 300 samplers.

Limited shelf-life; storage required at <4°C.
10 500-300
Treated Tape, for QC (quality control) purposes only 25 P20083
Description Pack Size Part Number  
Stand for Indoor Sampling Each 690-302  690-302 Stand for mounting passive samplers for Indoor Sampling 
Shelter for Outdoor Sampling Each 690-303  690-303 Shelter for mounting passive samplers for Outdoor Sampling 
Stand for Indoor Sampling


Shelter for Outdoor Sampling


UMEX 300 Ammonia Passive Sampler

UMEx 300 NH3