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Wipe Sample Test Kit

The Wipe Sample Test Kit provides the necessary supplies to sample surfaces for toxic materials that can gain entry into the body via ingestion or skin absorption.

Wipe Sample Test Kit
Wipe Sample Test Kit
  • Contains materials to sample metals, pesticides, amines, radionuclides, corrosives and dust (see list below)
  • Assists in evaluating hazard control effectiveness and cleaning regimes
  • All you need for OSHA wipe sample methods (except solvents, usually distilled water, isopropanol or ethylene glycol)
Surface Contaminants Evaluated by Wipe Sample Test Kit
Acrylamide Chromium, Soluble Chromic + Chromous Salts Nickel Metal & Soluble Compounds (as Ni)
Aldrin Chromium Metal & Insoluble Salts Nitric Acid
4-Aminodiphenyl Cobalt (+ Compounds) n-Nitrosodimethylamine
2-Aminopyridine Copper (+ Compounds) Parathion
Ammonia Cyanides (as CN) Phosphoric Acid
Aniline DDT Phosphorous (Red)
Antimony (+ Compounds) Diazinon Platinum (Soluble Salts as Pt)
Arsenic (+ Compounds) o-Dichlorobenzene Radionuclides
Barium (Soluble Compounds) 3,3-Dichlorobenzidine Sodium Fluoroacetate
Benzidine Dieldrin Sodium Hydroxide
Benzoyl Peroxide Dinitrotoluene Sulphuric Acid
Beryllium (+ Compounds) Endrin Tellurium (+ Compounds)
Cadmium (+ Compounds) Fluoride TEPP
Calcium Arsenate (as As) Gallium Arsenide (Ga + As) Thallium
Calcium Hydroxide Hydrochloric Acid Tin (as Sn)
Calcium Oxide Lead (+ Compounds) o-Toluidine
Chlordane Lead Chromate (as Pb) Trinitrotoluene
Chlorinated Camphene Malathion Uranium (Soluble Compounds)
Chlordiphenyl 4,4'-Methylene bis (2-chloroaniline)(MOCA) Warfarin
Wipe Sample Test Kit
Description Pack Size  Part Number
Wipe Sample Test Kit

Kit contains paper and glass fibre filters, sterile sample bags, latex gloves, cotton swabs, pH paper, cover slips, 25 Ghost Wipes for lead and other metals, 72 microslides, 20 sample containers, 3 dropper bottles, 1 template (10x 10 cm), marking pen, masking tape, clear tape, stainless steel forceps and a carry case. Note that solvents are not included.

Each 225-2401A
Ghost Wipes, moistened with deionised water, individually sealed packets, require a 10 x 10 cm template 200
Disposable Manila Paper, Template 10 x 10 cm (3.9 x 3.9 in) 250
Wipe Sample Test Kit Instructions

Wipe Sample Test Kit