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Surface & Skin Sampling

Surface and skin hazards can be chemicals that cause dermatitis or skin damage, or chemicals that can enter the body through intact skin and cause toxic effects in various organ systems. The properties of such hazards may be they can penetrate or injure the skin, are toxic if ingested, can be an inhalation hazard if resuspended, and can remain on surfaces for long periods. Examples of such chemicals are amines, isocyanates, metal dusts, pesticides, VOCs, acids/alkalis, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and dioxins. SKC offers a range of products for surface and skin sampling, in order to detect the presence of such chemicals.

The HSE offers guidance on managing skin exposure risks here.

Ghost Wipes

Ghost Wipes for Detecting Metals on SurfacesGhost wipes are used for sampling for lead and other metals on surfaces.

Wipe Sample Test Kit

Wipe Sample Test KitThe Wipe Sample Test Kit provides the necessary supplies to sample surfaces for toxic materials that can gain entry into the body via ingestion or skin absorption.

Sterile Surface Swab Kit

Sterile Surface Swab Kit for biological samplingIdeal for determining the relative degree and type of biological contamination on most surfaces, including irregular surfaces.

Colorimetric SWYPEs

SWYPES for identifying specific compound groupsColorimetric SWYPES provide easy on-the-spot results for specific compound groups.


PERMEA-TEC pads to check glove protectionPERMEA-TEC Pads are worn under gloves during actual field use to evaluate the glove protection.

Full Disclosure Kit

Full Disclosure Kit provides instant detection of LeadThe Full Disclosure Kit provides instant detection of lead on skin and surfaces.

Smear Tabs

Smear Tabs  for collecting samples on surfacesLow-ash, acid-hardened paper designed for collecting samples on surfaces where dust and chemicals have settled.


Templates for sample collectionA range of manila paper templates for the collection of samples.

Stick-to-it Lift Tape

Stick-to-it Tape for sampling irregular surfacesFlexible plastic microscopic slides for sampling irregular surfaces.

Surface/Dermal Test Kits

Kits for identifying specific target compoundsA convenient range of kits for identifying and controlling target compounds.

Microvacuum Cassettes

Microvacuum Cassettes for collecting fungal spores or asbestosMicrovacuum cassettes feature a microvacuum nozzle for collecting fungal spores or asbestos from carpets and other dusty areas.

Spill Decontamination Kits

Spill Decontamination Kits for Cleaning Up SpillsSpill Decontamination Kits are an effective means to clean-up surfaces contaminated by these specific chemical spills.

DECONtamination Solution

Decontamination Solution for workplace surfacesMade of biodegradable materials, these solutions effectively decontaminate work place surfaces.

D-TAM Skin Cleanser

D-TAM Skin Cleanser removes insoluble contaminantsFormulated to remove water-insoluble contaminants from the skin.

MethAlert Kit

For identifying methamphetamine surface residueFast on-site reliable results for the qualitative detection of methamphetamine surface residue.

MethChek Kit

For identifying methamphetamine surface residueFast on-site reliable results for the semi-quantitative measurement of methamphetamine surface residue.