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Sampling Methods

SKC Sampling Method Guides embody quality information and our commitment to provide the most up to date information. These pdfs can be viewed online and subsequently downloaded and/or printed.

HSE (UK) Methods

Guide to HSE (UK) Sample MethodsIncludes most hazardous substances, including their Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) where applicable, according to EH40, available from This guide should not be used as an alternative to obtaining a copy of EH40 and reading the full supplementary data it contains.


Guide to USA Sample MethodsIncludes hazard agency reference, sampling parameters, analytical method and equipment/media. Environmental methods are shown in blue.

VOC Chek 575 Series Sampling Guide

VOC 575 Selection GuideSelection Guide for ppm Level Sampling of Volatile Organic Vapours. Includes hazard, validation level, sampling parameters, and desorption efficiencies, as well as the recommended SKC VOC Chek 575 Series Passive Sampler.