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Environmental Sampling

Environmental air (or ambient air) sampling is carried out whenever there is a need to investigate contaminants in the air. Typical air monitoring situations requiring environmental sampling equipment include the testing of hazardous waste sites, air emissions from industry and indoor air quality. SKC offers a wide range of direct reading instruments for monitoring for personal exposure, workplace exposure and environmental monitoring, including sophisticated ambient monitors for 24 hour sampling.

EPAM 5000

EPAM 5000 Particulate MonitorHighly sensitive and accurate portable monitor for ambient and environmental particulate monitoring, with 10, 2.5, or a 1.0 µm sampling heads.


AIR-AIDE Particulate MonitorA portable, fixed-point monitor for measuring lung damaging dust levels.


Environmental Perimeter Air Station (EPAS)An environmental perimeter air station, easily deployed as an ambient air quality monitor to scan, measure and document.

Deployable Sampling Systems

environmental sampling kitAmbient 24 hour air sampling kits: the DPS for sampling for particulates and the DCS for PAHs, PCBs and pesticides.