Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Cyclone

The Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Cyclone has been specially designed with an extended retaining ring and special sealing to securely hold the SKC DPM cassettes. Small and lightweight, it is constructed from conductive plastic to prevent the buildup of electrostatic effects. It operates at 2 L/min with a DPM cassette and includes a grit pot and retaining ring.

Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Cyclone

DPM Cassette

The DPM Cassette is designed for sampling in atmospheres where it is necessary to separate DPM from other respirable dust, such as coal dust. The single use cassettes are tamper-evident sealed to ensure sample integrity. It provides optimum DPM collection efficiency, and has been evaluated at 1.7 L/min in metal/non-metal mines and 2 L/min in coal mines; flow rates are used by MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration, USA).

Each streamlined plastic cassette comprises an impactor with precision sapphire orifice, impaction substrate and two heat-treated quartz filters. The impactor screens out respirable particles ≥1.0 µm. Particles <1.0 µm are collected on the filter. It meets the NIOSH 5040 specifications for organic and elemental carbon analysis. Also available is a DPM Cassette without an impactor; a more economical solution when sampling in environments without coal dust or other interfering respirable dusts.

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