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Elemental Mercury Passive Sampler

The SKC 520 Series Elemental Mercury Sampler measures worker exposure levels as a Time-Weighted Average (TWA) and permits the positive analysis of elemental mercury vapour. It is designed for analysis using standard laboratory equipment, and therefore, the cost per measurement is kept to an absolute minimum compared to other samplers. The sampler only samples elementary mercury (Hg) in the vapour phase; it does not sample elemental Hg in the particulate phase or organic mercury compounds.

Mercury vapour enters the sampler by positive, controlled diffusion so that a known sample volume is taken for a given period of time. Mercury is completely adsorbed onto the solid sorbent. The sorbent capsule is then taken to an accredited laboratory where the sorbent is dissolved in acid and analyzed by flameless atomic absorption. The sampler holder is cleaned and reused, thereby reducing sampling costs.

Elemental Mercury Passive Sampler
  • Extensively field tested
    • Validation based on OSHA Method ID-140
    • Meets NIOSH and OSHA standards
  • Lowest cost per measurement available
    • Reusable capsule holder
    • Replaceable sorbent capsule
  • Easy-to-use
    • Clips to a worker’s collar or pocket
    • No pump needed
  • Long-term sampling up to 120 hours
  • High accuracy and sensitivity
    • Positive analysis of inorganic mercury
    • Removable sorbent capsule eliminates false high readings due to contamination of badge housing
  • No moisture or chlorine interferences
    • Extensive field testing and chamber studies show accuracy without interference from either moisture or chlorine
  • Simple analysis
    • Uses standard laboratory equipment and analytical methods

Note: For sampling low levels of mercury, use a sorbent tube.

Background    0.02 µg/200mg section
Limit of Detection    0.01 µg
Capacity    >30 µg mercury per capsule
Analysis    Flameless atomic absorption
Weight    14 g (0.49 oz)
Sampling Rate    0.020 L/min (20 ml/min) at 20°C and 760 torr
Elemental Mercury Passive Samplers
Description Pack Size Part Number  
Reusable Elemental Mercury Sampler capsule holder Each
  520-03 Reusable Elemental Mercury Sampler capsule holder 
Sorbent Capsules contain Anasorb® C300*   and includes replacement foams and resealable bags 10
  520-02C Sorbent Capsules contain Anasorb C300 

* SKC proprietary sorbent; equivalent to Hydrar® and Carulite®

Description Pack Size Part Number  
Stand for Indoor Sampling Each 690-302   690-302 Stand for mounting passive samplers for Indoor Sampling 
Shelter for Outdoor Sampling Each 690-303   690-303 Shelter for mounting passive samplers for Outdoor Sampling 
Stand for Indoor Sampling


Shelter for Outdoor Sampling


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Elemental Mercury Passive Samplers