Standard FlexFoil Sample Bags

Standard FlexFoil Sample Bag

Standard FlexFoil has good stability for low molecular weight compounds such as VOCs and CO, CO2, methane and SF6.The range has good 48 hour stability for hydrogen sulphide, carbonyl sulphide, methyl and ethyl mercaptan. It is strong and flexible and constructed from evenly sealed 4-ply (5-mil) material. Light- and moisture-proof, it is excellent for light-sensitive compounds.

Stocked in a variety of sizes, and available with these fittings:

Single Polypropylene Sample Bag Fitting


Single Stainless Steel Sample Bag Fitting

Single Polypropylene


Single Stainless Steel


  • Single combined polypropylene hose/valve and septum for economy and lightweight
  • Single combined stainless steel hose/valve and septum for specialist applications requiring higher temperature

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