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A rotameter is a device that measures the flow rate of liquid or gas in a closed tube. Rotameters are secondary calibration standards, and can be used to obtain accurate and reliable measurements of pump flow rates if they are calibrated to a primary calibration standard on a regular basis. SKC rotameters are lightweight, rugged, portable, and available in different flow ranges to cover a wide range of air sampling applications.

Standard Rotameter


Field Rotameter


  • Easy-to-read scales
  • Rugged and portable
  • Low cost

The SKC rotameters are available in 2 models:

  • The Standard Rotameters have a 100 mm scale and incorporate a stand/base.
  • The Field Rotameters are for use in the field with provision for panel mounting.
Standard Rotameters
Description Part Number
Rotameter (Low Flow) 0.02-0.25 L/min Accuracy ±2.5% of full scale 393-002025
Rotameter 0.3-3.4 L/min Accuracy ±2.5% VDI/VDE 3513-2 393-0334
Rotameter 0.6-5 L/min Accuracy ±2.5% VDI/VDE 3513-2 393-0650
Rotameter 1.0-13.0 L/min Accuracy ±2.5% VDI/VDE 3513-2 393-1130
Rotameter 2.0-26.0 L/min Accuracy ±2.5% VDI/VDE 3513-2 393-2260
Tubing adaptor for small sample tubes. Enables leak free connection of small diameter sorbent tubes to the Low Flow chek-mate (375-00205) or rotameters. 717-511
Field Rotameters
Description Part Number
Field Rotameter 50-500 ml/min (50 mm scale), Accuracy 5% 320-2A05
Field Rotameter 100-1000 ml/min (100 mm scale), Accuracy 3% 320-4A1
Field Rotameter 400-5000 ml/min (100 mm scale), Accuracy 3% 320-4A5
Field Rotameter 2-20 L/min (100 mm scale)#  , Accuracy 3% 320-4A20L
Field Rotameter 3-30 L/min (100 mm scale), Accuracy 3% 320-530
Field Rotameter 3-30 L/min (100 mm scale)*  , Accuracy 3% 320-100
Field Rotameter 4-50 L/min (100 mm scale), Accuracy 3% 320-440

* Fittings adapted for QuickTake 30 sample pump
# Fittings adapted for use with BioLite+ sample pump

Standard Rotameter Instructions   Low Flow Rotameter Instructions   Field Rotameter Instructions

Standard Rotameter


Low Flow Rotameter


Field Rotameter