IFV Pro Sampler

The SKC IFV (Inhalable Fraction and Vapour) Pro Sampler is used for simultaneously collecting mixed-phase contaminants such as pesticides, polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), inorganic acids, and explosives. Sampling mixed-phase contaminants is challenging because the vapour and aerosol distribution is constantly changing. IFV Pro overcomes the technical issues of competing models with its IOM-style inlet for true inhalable sampling, use of a 25 mm filter (instead of 13 mm filter) for lower back pressure, and use at 1 L/min to provide lower limits of detection.

IFV Pro Sampler
IFV Pro Sampler - Exploded
IFV Pro Sampling Train

  • Simultaneously samples vapour and aerosol phases
    • Collects aerosol phase on a 25 mm filter
    • Collects vapour phase in a 8 mm OD x 110 mm length sorbent tube
  • IOM-style inlet sized for 1 L/min flow for true inhalable sampling
  • Collects vapour phase on a variety of sorbents
  • Recommended 1 L/min flow rate allows for effective collection of both contaminant phases, provides for lower limits of detection
  • Meets EN 13936 specifications

ACGIH IFV Designation

ACGIH has assigned a TLV with Inhalable Fraction and Vapour (IFV) designation to over 50 compounds that exert sufficient vapour pressure such that the contaminant may be present in both particle and vapour phases, with each phase contributing a significant portion of the dose. IFV Pro allows for efficient sampling of compounds with this designation (see datasheet or selection guide below), or compounds found in mixed phases due to work activities or processes.

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