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Applications for Gas Detection Tubes

There are many diverse applications for Gastec Gas Detection tubes. Some examples are shown below - hover or click the mouse over the image.

Emergency Services

Used to test for chemicals before entering an area where an incident has occurred.


Checking for incomplete combustion of gas, and also for fumes given off from building materials.


Used as teaching aids, and in laboratory experiments, and to monitor air quality in teaching areas.

Heavy Industry

Monitoring for chemical hazards in, e.g. steelmaking, shipbuilding, automotive, pulp/paper production.


Monitoring for relevant chemical hazards during production processes, e.g. food and electronic products.


Monitoring of waster products from the energy process.


Construction Sites

Monitoring for hazardous gases during excavation work, particularly for toxic gases.

Research & Development

Monitoring for contamination during laboratory experiments, or while manufacturing samples and prototypes.


Monitoring internal ventilation and external exhaust fumes, especially in workshop or servicing areas.

Medical Facilities

Monitoring of air quality and gases used during procedures in hospitals, clinics and veterinary surgeries.


Monitoring of air quality at workstations/desks, in conference rooms and in workrooms.

Sports/Leisure Facilities

Monitoring of gases produced by cleaning agents for swimming pools.

Public Buildings

Monitoring air quality in theatres, concert halls, hotels, etc.