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Gastec Colour Detector Tubes - V

Gastec Colour Detector Tubes for chemicals whose name begins with V.

Each box of detector tubes contains a pack of ten tubes sufficient for 10 tests, unless otherwise noted.

Position the mouse over the symbols (*, +, ++, P) for an explanation of their meaning.

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Gastec gas detector tubes allow users to perform field screening, spot sampling and tests in industrial environments to detect hazardous and toxic gases, and chemical vapours
Gastec Colour Detector Tubes - V
Chemical Tube Name Measuring Range (ppm) Notes Part Number
Valeric acid

Acetic acid 0.38-15  *     810-81L
Vinyl acetate

Vinyl acetate 5-250  +     810-143
Ethyl acetate 0.06-0.9% - 810-141
Vinyl benzene See Styrene
Vinyl chloride

Vinyl chloride 0.025-2% - 810-131
Vinyl chloride 0.25-54  +     *     810-131LA
Vinyl chloride 0.1-6.6  +     *     810-131L
Vinyl chloride 0.25-70  *     810-131LB
Vinyl cyanide See Acrylonitrile
Vinylidene chloride

Vinylidene chloride 0.4-40.6  +     *     810-130L
Vinyl trimethoxysilane

Isopropyl alcohol 6.5-25 - 810-113L

Table Notes:

*     Refrigerated storage - tubes to be stored at ≤10°C
+    Twin tubes, sufficient for 5 tests (first tube is a scrubber/oxidiser, second tube provides the reading)
++  Nine tubes, sufficient for 9 tests
P     Requires Pyrolyzer (Part Number 810-840)