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Gastec Airtec Tubes

The Airtec Tube is a convenient, economical system for testing the quality of compressed breathing air. Measurement is quick and simple and does not require user training or calibration. Just snap off both pre-scored ends of the tube, insert the tube into the tube holder with the directional arrow pointing down, and adjust the flowmeter to the specified flow rate. After the required time, note where the colour stain stops and immediately take the measurement from the direct-reading tube.

Airtec Tubes
Airtec Tubes

Tubes are supplied in packs of 10.

A kit for measuring compressed breathing air for impurities is available, using the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapour and oil mist Airtec tubes.

Gastec Airtec Tubes

Click on the part number to view the specific datasheet.

Chemical Tube Name Measuring Range (ppm) Flow Rate (ml/min) Sampling Time (mins) Part Number
Carbon monoxide
Carbon monoxide Airtec tube 5-50 100  3 810-1A
Carbon dioxide
Carbon dioxide Airtec tube 250-3000 100  5 810-2A
Carbon dioxide Airtec tube 200-3000 100  1.5 810-2AG
Water vapour
Water vapour Airtec tube 500-5000 300  1 810-6AH
Water vapour Airtec tube 20-80 mg/m3 100  5 810-6A
Water vapour Airtec tube 150-3000 mg/m3 300  1 810-6AG
Nitrogen oxides
NO + NO2
Nitrogen oxides Airtec tube 0.06-2



Oil mist Oil mist Airtec tube 0.2-5 mg/m3 1000  20 810-109AD
Oil mist Airtec tube 0.3-1.5 mg/m3 1000  60 810-109A
Description Part Number  
Rubber tube holder/shroud 810-357 no image
Gastec Detector Tube List
Gastec Detector Tube List

Gastec Detector Tube List

Instructions for the Gastec Compressed Breathing Gas System