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In the case of air sampling calibration is the setting of the air flow through the filter medium to the recommended level for the method being used. The flow should be checked before and after each sample. SKC offers a range of calibration equipment, and the choice of which calibrator depends on:

  • Available budget
  • Accuracy required by the method
  • Ease of use
  • Fit for purpose

A calibrator can either be to a primary or secondary standard. A Primary standard is an instrument that bases measurements on direct, measurable linear dimensions that will not change over time, or be altered by temperature or atmospheric pressure, such as the soap bubble flowmeter range. Secondary standard devices base their calibration upon primary standards and may be affected by temperature, atmospheric changes and mishandling. They can be used to obtain accurate, reliable measurements of pump flow rate if their calibration can be traced to a primary standard and they are handled with reasonable care.

SKC also offer a calibration service for your air sampling pumps. Please contact us.

chek-mate Calibrator

chek-mate calibratorSimple to use electronic air flow calibrator that meets the accuracy requirements of the current HSE sampling method for dust/particulates - MDHS 14/4.


RotameterSimple to use secondary standard calibrators available in many flow rate ranges to cover a broad range of air sampling applications.

Bubble Film Calibrators

Bubble Film Calibrator

Simple to use primary standard calibrators, available in two flow ranges.

Calibration Adaptors and Accessories

Calibration AdaptorA range of accessories to aid the calibration process.

Equipment Servicing and Calibration

We service and calibrate air sampling pumpsWe recommend annual servicing and calibration of pumps and electronic calibrators.