Gastec Colour Detector Tubes - S

Gastec gas detector tubes allow users to perform field screening, spot sampling and tests in industrial environments to detect hazardous and toxic gases, and chemical vapoursGastec Colour Detector Tubes for chemicals whose name begins with S.

Each box of detector tubes contains a pack of ten tubes sufficient for 10 tests, unless otherwise noted.

Position the mouse over the symbols (*, +, ++, P) for an explanation of their meaning.

Click on the symbol to view the specific datasheet.

Chemical Tube Name Measuring Range (ppm) Notes Part Number
Stoddard solvent Stoddard solvent 50-8000 mg/m3 - 810-128

Styrene 10-1500 - 810-124
Styrene 2-100 - 810-124L
Methyl isobutyl ketone 0.075-0.9% - 810-153
Sulphides Sulphides 0.002 to 0.02 mg - 810-201L
Sulphides 0.02 to 0.2 mg - 810-201H
Sulphur dioxide

Sulphur dioxide 0.05-8% - 810-5H
Sulphur dioxide 20-3600 - 810-5M
Sulphur dioxide 1.25-200 - 810-5L
Sulphur dioxide 0.5-60 - 810-5LA
Sulphur dioxide 0.1-25 - 810-5LC
Sulphur dioxide 0.05-10 - 810-5LB
Hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide
(separate quantification)
SO2: 0.25-20  +     810-45S
Acid gases 1.5-30 - 810-80
Sulphur dioxide + Hydrogen sulphide (total quantification)

SO2 + H2S
Hydrogen sulphide + Sulphur dioxide 0.02-8% - 810-45H
Sulphuric acid

Sulphuric acid 0.5-5 mg/m3 - 810-35
Sulphuryl fluoride

Sulphuryl fluoride
(Pryotec tube)
1-20  +     P     810-231

Table Notes:

*     Refrigerated storage - tubes to be stored at ≤10°C
+    Twin tubes, sufficient for 5 tests (first tube is a scrubber/oxidiser, second tube provides the reading)
++  Nine tubes, sufficient for 9 tests
P     Requires Pyrolyzer (Part Number 810-840)

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