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HAZ-DUST HD-1620 Particulate Monitor

The HD-1620 is a multi-parameter, hand-held, real-time, respiratory air monitor, designed specifically for industrial/occupational hygienists. The instrument can be held in the hand, strapped around the hand, worn on a belt clip, turnout gear, or mounted on a tripod. It offers a large one button “Go/ No Go” feature for quick, rapid, and easy deployment, especially suitable for fire fighters and first responders. The easy to use instrument will identify health concerns in real-time and allow employers to set up engineering controls for workers such as respiratory protection ventilation controls, evacuation and/or reentry plans. The HD-1620 is supplied with comprehensive PC software allowing users to upload data parameters into the software or export data to meet their needs.

HAZ-DUST HD-1620 Particulate Monitor
HD-1620 Screen Display 1 showing live readings including temperature, RH and atmospheric pressure
HD-1620 Screen Display 2 showing measured data in graph format and alarm levels
  • Cal/OSHA AQI displayed and recorded for PM2.5
  • Single large button “Go/No Go” for easy rapid deployment
  • Gloved hand operation
  • Lightweight
  • Real-Time Rolling Graphical Display
  • Large colour display with user adjustable backlight for easy viewing under any conditions
  • Measures and records temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, GPS, PM mass concentration and particle number count
  • Designed for easy on-site user maintenance and service

For all types of dust and aerosols:

 • Smoke and Fires  • Wood Dust  • Urban AQI Monitoring
 • Silica  • Nuisance Dust  • Office Indoor Air Quality
 • Lead  • Heavy Metals  • Ventilation efficiency
 • Coal  • Construction Dusts      • Chromate
 • Pharmaceutical Dust    • Welding Fumes  • Grain
 • Paint Spray  • Concrete/Cement  • Dry Chemicals
 • Toxic Soil Remediation          
Accuracy    ±10% to filter gravimetric SAE fine test dust
Sensing Range    0.001 to 500 mg/m3 or 1 to 500,000 µg/m3
Display Resolution    1 µg/m3 (0.001 mg/m3)
Measurement Precision    ± 2µg/m3 or 0.002 mg/m3
Calibration    NIOSH gravimetric reference - NIST-traceable SAE fine test dust ISO12103-1 A2 Fine Dust Test
Display    8.9 cm (3.5 in) colour, resistive Color Touch with auto-dimming
Real-Time Data Display    Concentrations (mg/m3, ug/m3), Sampling Size Fraction of PM (OSHA TWA, AVE., MAX., MIN.), Start time, stop time, elapsed run time, Log rate, Flow, Real-Time Rolling Graph, Personalised Named Data Sets, Unique Aerosol Profiles, Language Options, Battery Life
Pump Faults, Flow Rate, In Field Calibration Test, History of Data Sets
Sample Flow Rate    1 to 5 L/min (adjustable)
Power    Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Operating Time    ≥10 hours
Charging Time    3 hours, depending on battery state
Digital Output    Micro USB
Data Storage    43,200 data points
Temperature    Operating: 0 to +50°C (32 to 122°F)
Storage:   -20 to +70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Dimensions    25 x 8.9 x 3.8 cm (10 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches)
Weight    635 g (1.4 lbs)
Description Part Number
HAZ-DUST HD-1620 Monitor Kit, includes:

monitor, battery charger with USA, UK, Asia and European adaptors, download cable, flow adaptor, interchangeable 2.5 μm (PM2.5) Impactor, Calibration Certificate, multimedia USB containing Instruction Manual and DustComm Pro Software, in a hard carry case
(requires calibration with equipment sold separately, see accessories below)

HAZ-DUST HD-1620 Accessories
Description Part Number  
Interchangeable Impactor PM10.0 770-1621 no image
Interchangeable Impactor PM2.5 770-1622 no image
Interchangeable Impactor PM5.0 770-1623 no image
Interchangeable Impactor PM4.0 770-1624 no image
Interchangeable Impactor PM1.0 770-1625 no image
Interchangeable Impactor TSP 770-1626 no image
Stationary Tripod 770-1627 no image
Table Mount Tripod 770-1628 no image
Impactor Kit 770-1629 no image
Replacement PM Air Intake 770-1630 no image
Flow Adaptor 770-1631 no image
Impactor Grease 770-211  770-211 Impactor Grease 
Recommended chek-mate flowmeter, 500-5000 ml/min, for calibrating the Sampling Head

(Other Calibrators available , see Calibration)
375-0550  375-0550 chek-mate flowmeter, 500-5000 ml/min, for calibrating the Inhalable Sampling Head 
Cleaning Kit, includes bulb, swabs and lens tissue (no air canister) 770-305B no image
DustComm Pro Software on USB Flash Drive 770-225  770-225 DustComm Pro Software on USB Flash Drive 
Haz Dust HD-1620 Instruction Manual   Haz Dust HD-1620 Instruction Manual