GLA 5000 PVC Membrane Filters

GLA-5000 PVC Membrane Filters are suitable for sampling silica, metals, and dust.

GLA-5000 PVC Membrane Filters
  • Suitable for multiple NIOSH/OSHA/ASTM air sampling methods
    • Silica, metals, dust
    • Meets OSHA Method ID-215 (V. 2) for hexavalent chromium
  • Low tare weight and moisture pickup for gravimetric stability
    • <0.5% after 24 hours at 48 %RH and 50°C (122°F)
  • Preloaded 25 and 37 mm cassettes available
    • 25 mm cassettes are convenient for sampling inside a welding helmet
  • Both gravimetric and chemical analysis on the same filter using NIOSH 7300 or 7301 for metals (elements)

PVC Cassette for Welding

Use 25 mm preloaded PVC filter part number 225-8214 or 225-8215 for sampling welder exposure to hexavalent chromium as specified in OSHA Method ID-215 (V. 2). The smaller cassette fits more easily under a welder’s helmet. For ultimate comfort, use the Face Level Sampling Headset or the Helmet Adaptor (part number 225-600).

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