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Bioaerosol Sampler Selection Guide

Sampler Principle of Operation Flow Rate (L/min) Contaminants Sampler Advantages
Button Sampler

Button Sampler

Filtration using porous membrane 4 (optimum) Fungi (viable and non-viable), endotoxins, bacteria
  • Superior collection uniformity
  • Low sensitivity to ambient conditions
  • Sample suitable for viable and non-viable analysis
  • Personal bioaerosol sampling
BioStage Single-stage Impactor

BioStage Sampler

Impaction onto culture media 28.3 Fungi (viable) and bacteria
  • SureLock positive seal
  • Organisms remain intact and viable
  • Cost effective and reusable
  • Time-proven collection method
  • Meets NIOSH Methods 0800 and 001
VersaTrap Spore Trap Cassette

VersaTrap Spore Cassette

Impaction onto sticky glass slide 15 (optimum) Fungi (viable and non-viable), pollen, fibres
  • Reduces particle bounce
  • Prevents sample loss and blurring
  • Allows direct quantitative analysis
  • Enumeration of fungal spores with low culturability


Collection into swirling liquid 12.5 (sonic flow) Fungi (viable and non-viable), endotoxins and bacteria
  • Maintains constant collection efficiency over 8 hours
  • Reduces particle bounce and reaerosolisation, preserving viability
Microvacuum Sampling Cassette

Carpet Sampling

Filtration using porous membrane 10 (optimum) Fungi and fibres
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for high flows to enhance detection
  • Microvacuum nozzle for efficient sampling in carpeting
Sterile Surface Swab Kit

Sterile Surface Swab Kit

Wipe sample N/A Fungi (viable and non-viable), bacteria
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for growth cultures
  • Non-destructive
  • Collects surface contaminants
Stick-to-it Lift Tape

Sterile Surface Swab Kit

Lift tape surface sample N/A Fungi, pollen, fibres
  • Ensures consistent sample area
  • Serialised for sample identification
  • Includes transport case for mailing to laboratory