Impingers, sometimes known as bubblers, are small bottles used with an air sample pump to collect airborne hazards into designated collection liquids for analysis. For personal exposure measurement the impinger mounts in a holster accessory near the breathing zone. For area monitoring the impinger is mounted on the side of a pump with a holder accessory. SKC offers impingers in Pyrex® glass or PFA (fluoropolymer) to meet your applications.

Glass Impinger
PFA Impinger
Glass Impinger in holder with Sidekick
PFA Impinger in holder with Sidekick

  • Glass Impingers have graduations in 5ml increments and available with a fritted nozzle to increase contact between the air sample and the liquid.
  • PFA impingers are unbreakable, inert to virtually all chemicals and perform well in high temperature and cryogenic applications.