SKC BioLite+ Pump

The SKC BioLite+ Pump was specifically designed for use with the SKC BioSampler for sampling airborne biological hazards (e.g. fungal spores or bacteria) in the form of bio-aerosols, and is an enhanced version of the SKC BioLite Pump. It has a high flow rate, up to 62 L/min and has a back pressure gauge which indicates when sonic flow has been achieved when used with a BioSampler. The BioLite+ pump allows you to sample onto a liquid medium.

BioLite+ Air Sampling Pump
BioLite+ Deluxe Kit

  • Ideal for sampling biological hazards (fungal spore or bacteria)
  • High flow rate which built-in back pressure gauge
  • Robust metal casing with integral handle
  • Works in conjunction with a BioSampler
  • Two mounting points allows two BioSamplers to be attached and operated simultaneously at a total flow rate of 25 L/min
  • Simple flow adjustment


  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Infection control (e.g. hospitals and vets)
  • Infectious disease investigations
  • Animal and human exposure/risk investigations
  • Agriculture, horticulture, industry and environments, e.g. composting, storage areas (wood, waste, etc), manufacturing

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