D-Tam Skin Cleanser

Formulated to remove water-insoluble contaminants such as aromatic amines, pesticides, phenol, epoxy resins, and paints/sealants from the skin, D-Tam Skin Cleanser will not disrupt or abrade the natural barrier properties of the skin. The skin is not pre-wetted, D-Tam is applied directly to the contaminated skin and rubbed gently to form a lather. It is then rinsed off with water.


D-Tam Skin Cleanser contains:

  • No emollients
  • No lanolin
  • No aloe vera
  • No pumice
  • No harsh surfactants

D-Tam Skin Cleanser will not enhance penetration of contaminants into the skin.

Description Pack Size Part Number
D-Tam Skin Cleanser, 3.75 Litres Each 769-5001
D-Tam Skin Cleanser, 225 ml Each 769-5011

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