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Air Sampling Kits

Air sampling is generally carried out to ensure that workplace or environmental air is meeting regulatory standards and to help Occupational Hygiene and Health and Safety professionals assess employee exposure to airborne hazards. There are strict limits for exposure to hazardous substances, and these are published by regulatory authorities such as the HSE, NIOSH, OSHA, or the EPA.

Most airborne contaminants, whether they come in the form of dusts and particulates or gases and vapours, will also have a recommended method of sampling. Where there is no specific method for a particular hazard, there are often methods for the type of contaminant such as MDHS 14/4 for general dusts (HSE), or MDHS 96 for general gases and vapours (HSE).

At SKC we have put together a range of application-driven air sampling kits for your convenience, based on our extensive range of pumps, and available as single pump or five pump kits.

Basic Sampling Kits

Basic Air Sampling KitStarter option with no sampling accessories.

Dust Sampling Kits

Dust Air Sampling KitContains accessories for dust/particulate sampling.

Vapour Sampling Kits

Vapour Air Sampling KitContains accessories for vapour/gas sampling.

Combined Sampling Kits

Combined Dust/Vapour Air Sampling KitContains accessories for both dust and vapour/gas sampling.