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DustComm Pro Software

DustComm Pro software is Windows-based software which is supplied free with SKC Particulate Monitors (HAZ-DUST IV, Split2, EPAM 5000, AIR-AIDE and the optional data logger for HAZ-DUST I). DustComm Pro is both a communications application that enables stored data within the Particulate Monitor to be downloaded to a PC, and a data manipulation tool enabling detailed analysis and reporting of sampled data.

DustComm Pro Software

The data plots provided with DustComm Pro enable:

  • Detailed statistical analysis
  • Creation of graphs and charts
  • Mathematical correction of particle characteristics when the aerosol significantly differs from calibration dust
  • The data to be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and reporting

Sample screenshots are shown below:

Data After Downloading

After the data is downloaded from the monitor the following screen is displayed, showing the data for the first location and the data pertinent to the first sample at that location.

Screenshot of DustComm Pro Software after download from a pump

The following detail the various panels on this screen.

(i) The Location Information Panel

This provides the general downloaded statistics for this location.

Screenshot of DustComm Pro Software showing the Location Panel

(ii) The Dataset Panel

This shows the specific information about the downloaded data, such as the data type and the readings recorded.

Screenshot of DustComm Pro Software showing the Dataset Panel

(iii) The Dataset Scale Factor Window

This enables the scale factor to be adjusted to be equal to your specific type of dust.

DustComm Pro Scale Factor Panel Screenshot

(iv) The Location Data Panel

This shows the sample reading and time at which the reading was collected. As the readings are scrolled through the information in the DataSet and Location Information Panels will be updated.

Screenshot of DustComm Pro Software showing the time and date of the sample readings.

(v) The Quick Plot Panel

This displays a miniature version of the Full Plot, to provide a quick overview. The Full Plot is accessed by clicking on the Button shown.

Screenshot of the DustComm Pro Software Quick Plot, which displays a miniature version of the Full Plot to provide a quick overview

The Full Plot Graph

The graph is fully customisable - the graph can be line or bar, gridlines can be added/removed, the data points can be highlighted with a choice of graphics, colours changed, the graph can be zoomed into between any two points, notes (and pictures) added, the title changed and so on. The graph can also be printed, or exported for use in reports.

Screenshot of DustComm Pro Software Graph Plot which is fully customisable