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Silver Membrane Filters

SKC silver membrane filters are made of 99.97% pure metallic silver in a controlled environment. The many desirable properties of silver membranes make them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Silver Membrane Filters

The orientation of a silver membrane filter is important. Each side of the silver membrane filter is different. One side appears shinier than the other. Use the shinier side for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and the duller of the two sides for all other filtration applications and analytical work, including X-ray diffraction. A smooth surface provides for superior collection of particulates with a typical aerosol retention of 99.99% (0.3 µm DOP at 3 L/min through 10 cm2)

  • Chemically inert and resistant to high temperatures, up to 500°C (1022°F)
    • Sample aggressive contaminants
    • Autoclave repeatedly without loss of performance
  • Uniform porosity and thickness
  • Ideal for x-ray diffraction and other analyses
    • NIOSH methods for x-ray diffraction analysis of crystalline silica, lead sulphide, boron carbide, and chrysolite asbestos
    • Organic materials by a variety of analytical methods
  • Smooth surface for high surface capture of particles and easy observation
  • Environmentally friendly — recyclable
    • Can be cleaned and reused
  • Collection and analysis of coke oven emissions
  • Collection and analysis of polyaromatic hydrocarbons
  • Analysis of airborne silica
  • Collection and analysis of airborne asbestos fibres by X-ray diffraction
  • Collection and analysis of carbon and carbon black
  • Collection and analysis of fly ash directly from smoke stacks
  • Analysis of biological specimens by scanning electron microscopy, especially when being collected from suspension
  • Dimensional preservation of specimens during freeze-drying
  • Filtration of alcoholic beverages
  • High temperature processing of viscous materials
  • Performing mild chemical digestion directly at filter surface
  • High temperature stack sampling
  • High temperature sterilisation procedures
  • Filtration involving organic solvents
Chemical Resistance

Silver membrane filters are chemically resistant to the following categories of chemicals:

• Alcohols • Ether • Fuel
• Propellants • Hydrocarbons • Oxidisers
• Natural and synthetic oils • Halogenated hydrocarbons • Alkalis
• Esters • Cryogenics • Most organics and acids
• Photoresists    
Silver Membrane Filters
Diameter (mm) Pore Size (µm) Support Pad included    Pack Size Part Number
25 0.45 No 50 225-1802
25 0.8 No 50 225-1803
37 0.8 No 25 225-1801
47 0.8 No 25 225-1804

Filter supports available

Preloaded Coated Silver Membrane Filters
Diameter (mm) Filter and Cassette Specifications Pack Size Part Number  
25 PTFE pre-filter and porous plastic support, specially cleaned silver membrane and porous plastic support, loaded into 3-piece cassette for sampling bromine or chlorine using NIOSH Method 6011 5 225-9006  225-9006 Preloaded Coated Silver Membrane Filters in a 3-piece cassette 
Cassette Opener, stainless steel, suitable for 25, 37, and 47-mm filter cassettes.
Required for all SureSeal Cassettes.
225-13-5B  225-13-5B SureSeal Cassette Opener, for opening 25 or 37 mm cassettes 
Preloaded Silver Membrane FIlter


SureSeal Cassette Opener