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Ozone Test Strips

Ozone Test Strips provide a quick indication of ambient levels of ozone in both indoor and outdoor air. Because high concentrations of ozone have been medically proven to damage lung tissue and reduce lung efficiency by up to 20%, it is important to monitor ozone levels within an area.

Ozone Test Strips
  • Simple to use
  • Chemically treated to react with ozone
  • Easy to read colour reaction

Simply place in the area to be tested. After 10 minutes the test strip is compared with the colour scale on the test strip package. The strip will produce a result as a colour change in four distinct colours, from light yellow to dark yellow. Each colour represents a specified level of ozone concentration ranging from <0.045 ppm to >0.105 ppm (<45 ppb to >105 ppb), as below:

Indication Ozone Concentration
A < 0.045 ppm (45 ppb)
B 0.045 ppm to 0.075 ppm (45 to 75 ppb)
C 0.075 ppm to 0.105 ppm (75 to 105 ppb)
D > 0.105 ppm (105 ppb)

Note: For use in environments with Relative Humidity between 30 and 60%RH.

Description Pack Size Part Number
Ozone Test Strips 50 526-300