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Manuals - Pumps & Accessories

All documents are in pdf format and require Adobe Reader.

AirChek 3000 Pump (Part No: 210-3311)
AirChek 3000 Pump ANZEx (Part No: 210-3311AZM)
AirChek XR5000 Pump (Part Nos: 210-5001/210-5002)
AirChek ESSENTIAL Pump (Part No: 220-3000)
AirChek ESSENTIAL Pump Installation/Caution Guide (Part No: 220-3000)
AirChek TOUCH Pump (Part No: 220-5000TC)
AirChek TOUCH Pump Installation/Caution Guide (Part No: 220-5000TC)
AirChek CONNECT Pump (Part No: 220-4000)
AirChek CONNECT Pump Installation/Caution Guide (Part No: 220-4000)
AirLite Pump (Part No: 110-100)
BioLite+ Pump (Part Nos: 228-9615/228-9620)
Flite4 Pump (Part Nos: 901-4011
Leland Legacy Pump (Part No: 100-3002)
Pocket Pump TOUCH (Part No: 220-1000TC)
Pocket Pump TOUCH Installation/Caution Guide (Part No: 220-1000TC)
Sidekick Pump (Part Nos: 224-50MH/224-51MTX/224-52MTX)
Universal Pump (Part Nos: 224-44MTX/224-PCMTX4/224-PCMTX8)
Accessories, including chargers
AirChek 3000 Single Fast Charger (Discontinued) (Part No: 223-240A)
AirChek 3000 Battery Eliminator (Part Nos: 223-330B/223-330C)
AirChek XR5000 Battery Pack (Part No: P85002/P85004)
Leland Legacy Battery Pack (Part No: P75692)
Pocket Pump Single Charger (Part Nos: 223-229A/223-230A)
Pocket Pump Five Station (Part No: 223-107A)
Standard Single Charger (Part Nos: 223-203A/223-227A/223-239A/223-260A)
Standard 5 Station Charger (Part Nos: 223-103A/223-105A/223-109A)
Pneumatic Test Kit for Sample Pumps (Part No: 224-6580)
Discontinued Pumps
Flite 3 Pump (Part Nos: 901-3011/901-3012)
BioLite Pump (Part No: 228-9610)
Pocket Pump (Part Nos: 210-1002MTX/210-1003MTX)