MethAlert is a Colorimetric Wipe Kit which quickly identifies Methamphetamine residue hot spots at µg levels on surfaces.

MethAlert Kit

  • Easy to use - no training required
  • Colorimetric qualitative wipe kit
  • Economical, multiple test kit
  • Fast on-site reliable results
  • Developed by NIOSH, Centres for Disease Control (CDC)
MethAlert Kit - Step 1

1. Wet

MethAlert Kit - Step 2

2. Wipe

MethAlert Kit - Step 3

3. Spray

MethAlert Kit - Step 4

4. Observe

Simply wet, wipe, spray, and observe for colour change. MethAlert is ideal for use in multi-unit buildings, inside rooms near the methamphetamine cooking area, and as a quick check during remediation.

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