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Smoke Test Kit

This kit contains a manual squeeze bulb device that creates smoke to detect the direction of slight air currents in rooms or installations, and for estimating the distribution of toxic substances in vapour form in the workplace. Each kit comes complete with smoke tubes. Break off both ends of the smoke tube and attach the rubber aspirator bulb to one end of the tube. When the bulb is squeezed, a chemical reaction produces white smoke. This smoke makes the air flow visible. A tube tip breaker is not included in the kit - Part no. 810-722 is recommended.

Airflow Indicator Kit

Applications include:

  • Tracing of gas or particle diffusion or stagnation
  • Selection of gas sampling points for working environment monitoring
  • Determination of the installation point or performance testing of ventilation systems
  • Air leakage testing of respirators

Replacement smoke tubes are available.

Description Pack Size Part Number
Smoke Test kit including squeeze/aspirator bulb, storage case and pack of 6 smoke tubes Each 810-500
Replacement smoke tubes 6 810-501
Replacement squeeze/aspirator bulb Each 810-502
Tube tip breaker Each 810-722