Gastec Compressed Breathing Air Measurement System

The Gastec 810-CG-1 system can simply, quickly, and simultaneously measure four kinds of harmful contaminants (CO, CO2, Water vapour, and Oil mist) contained in compressed breathing air (cylinder or compressor).

Gastec Compressed Breathing Air Measurement System


Easy to Use

    System Set-up

CG1 Measurement Device

Measurement Device

  • Fast and easy determination of breathing air quality - simply connect the measuring device to a cylinder or compressor
  • Portable - no power supply required

Airtec Tube Specifications when used with the Compressed Breathing Air Measurement Kit

Airtec Tube Measuring Range (ppm) Flow Rate (ml/min) Sampling Time (mins) Part Number
Carbon monoxide CO 5-50 100  5 810-1A
Carbon dioxide CO2 250-3000 190  5 810-2A
Water vapour 10-80 mg/m3 100  5 810-6A
Oil mist 0.2-5.0 mg/m3 3000  10 810-109AD


Description Part Number
Gastec Compressed Breathing Air Measurement System includes:

Measuring device, 4 x rubber shrouds, 4 Gastec Airtec Tubes (810-1A, 810-2A, 810-6A, 810-109AD), stopwatch, tube tip breaker/holder, plastic carrying case, instruction manual and deep socket. 


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