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Gastec Detection Tubes

SKC offer a broad range of Gastec gas detection tubes. Gastec gas detector tubes are of the highest quality utilising colorimetric technology for accurately analysing a wide variety of gases, vapours and ground substances. Short-term Gastec gas detector tubes allow users to perform field screening, spot sampling and tests in industrial environments to detect hazardous and toxic gases, and chemical vapours - some suggested applications.

Gastec Colour Detector Tubes

Gastec Gas Detection Tubes

Ideal for short term measurement and low level detection.

Gastec Sample Pumps and Accessories

Gastec Piston Pump for Gas Detection Tubes

A range of pumps and accessories to be used with most of the Gastec range of tubes.

Gastec Dosimeter Tubes

Gastec Dosimeter Tubes

For on-the-spot TWA monitoring.

Gastec Polytec Tubes

Gastec Tubes

For detecting the presence of multiple unknown substances.

Gastec Pyrotec Tubes

Gastec Tubes

Used with the Pyrolyzer for compounds which have to be thermally decomposed into substances to be measured.

Gastec Toxic Gas Detection System

810 TG1 500x500

For determining unknown toxic gases in the case of emergency response to chemical spills, or investigation after a fire.

Gastec Soluble Ion Tubes

soluble ion tubes 100x100

For measuring gas ion levels in water.

Gastec Airtec Tubes

Gastec Tubes

For measuring the quality of compressed breathing air.

Gastec Injection Type Tubes

Gastec Tubes

Uses an injector tube to sample gas samples, which is inserted into a detector tube to perform measurements.

Gastec Compressed Breathing Air System

Gastec Compressed Breathing Air Measurement System

To simply and quickly measure for harmful contaminants contained in compressed breathing air.

Gastec Smoke Tube Kit

Smoke Test Kit for determining air flow direction

For determining the direction of slight air currents.