LeadCheck Kit

The LeadCheck Surface Sample Kit includes easy to use, self-contained sampling swabs with all materials required for the rapid screening of lead on surfaces and liquids.

LeadCheck Kit

LeadCheck Kit - Step 1

1. Squeeze the swab to crush the front glass vial inside.

LeadCheck Kit - Step 2

2. Squeeze the swab to crush the rear glass vial inside.

LeadCheck Kit - Step 3

3. Shake the swab to mix the reagents.

LeadCheck Kit - Step 4

4. While squeezing the swab, rub the surface to be tested for approximately 30 seconds. Within one minute, the swab will turn color if the contaminant is present.

  • Detects lead on many surfaces
    • Lead paint on any surface, ceramic glazes, dinnerware, crystal, food cans, solder, toys, dust
  • Fast and easy to use
    • 4 easy steps
    • No instruments
    • Results in minutes
  • Convenient
    • Use almost anywhere (except skin)
  • Inexpensive
    • No instruments or analysis required
  • Easy to interpret
    • Positive confirmation procedures included in each kit
    • Swab tip turns pink in the presence of lead
  • Sensitive lead kit
    • Detects lead on 96.6% of surfaces tested
    • Detects <1 µg of lead on solid surfaces
  • Interferences
    • No other metals react to give the same colour response
    • High concentrations of tin turns swab tip purple

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