HAZ-SCANNER IEMS Indoor Environmental Monitoring Station

The HAZ-SCANNER™ IEMS portable, indoor environmental air monitoring station can be configured for up to 14 simultaneous air measurements including standard configuration of PM10 or TSP, CO2, CO, temperature, and relative humidity. Use the IEMS for air profiles at schools, LEED green building certification, job task analysis, and IEQ assessments.

HAZCOMM Software

  • Direct reading
  • Measures and displays data for up to 14 critical indoor air quality parameters
    • Standard IEMS configuration: measure 5 parameters including PM10 or TSP particulates, CO2, CO, temperature, and relative humidity
    • Optional: Add up to 9 optional interchangeable sensors and/or IEMS-specific meters (up to 9 sensors/meters total)
      Choose from additional toxic gas sensors, PID for VOCs, or IEMS-specific meters for light intensity, sound/noise, atomic/nuclear radiation, ELF radiation, and air velocity
    • Available analogue input port for alternative meter
  • Interchangeable size-selective impactors are available for PM1.0, PM2.5, or PM4.0 (close approximation of respirable)
  • In-line standard 37 mm or optional 25 mm gravimetric filter cassette provides concurrent filter sampling for chemical and biological analyses
  • Internal sample pump provides flow rate of 2 L/min
  • NiMH battery for 8-hour operation, continuous operation with AC power
  • Displays TWA, STEL, Max, and Min
  • Optional alarm indicator light and siren for user-defined threshold limits
  • Removable handheld sensors for spot-checking remote areas
  • Datalogging and optional real-time wireless data transmission
  • Easy-to-use graph and reporting software — compatible with PC and Mac

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