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Passive Samplers

SKC passive (diffusive) samplers or "badges" are a range of small samplers that collect vapours and gases without the use of a pump. Individual chemicals simply diffuse from the atmosphere into the sampler at a fixed rate. Simple to use and convenient.

Organic Vapour Passive Sampler

VOC 575 Passive Sampler for Organic VapoursSampling rates for over 300 compounds for ppm-Level Organic Vapours.

ULTRA Passive

ULTRA Passive Sampler for sub-ppb Level VOCsConvenient alternative to thermal desorption tubes for sub-ppb Level VOCs. Passive alternative for EPA TO-17.

UMEx 100 Formaldehyde Passive Sampler

UMEx 100 Passive Sampler for FormaldehydeMeets OSHA Method 1007 specifications and conforms to EU ISO 16000-4-2004 with highly selective 2,4-DNPH chemistry for easy analysis.

UMEx 200 SO2/NO2 Passive Sampler

UMEx 200 Passive Sampler for SO2/NO2For occupational sampling and near-road/urban air monitoring. Same chemistry as active OSHA Method ID-182.

UMEx 300 Ammonia Passive Sampler

UMEx 300 Passive Sampler for AmmoniaSuitable for monitoring ammonia, one of the most commonly produced industrial chemicals. Chemistry similar to active OSHA Method ID-188 and NIOSH 6016.

UMEx 400 Passive Sampler for Aliphatic Amines

UMEx 400 Passive Sampler for for Aliphatic AminesSame chemistry as active OSHA Method 60.

Ethylene Oxide Passive Sampler

Passive Sampler for Ethylene OxideEthylene Oxide is used to sterilise medical equipment and supplies. Uses same sorbent as active OSHA Method 1010.

Hydrogen Cyanide Passive Sampler

Passive Sampler for Hydrogen CyanideLightweight miniature sampler, specified for OSHA Method 1015.

Elemental Mercury Passive Sampler

Passive Sampler for Elemental MercuryHigh accuracy, sensitivity and capacity for measurement of Mercury in the vapour phase. For OSHA Method ID-140.

Gastec Dosi-Tubes

Gastec Dosi-Tubes for TWA Measurements Reliable, simple to use, easy to read Time-Weighted-Average (TWA) monitoring of worker exposure to gases and vapours.

Ozone Test Strips

Test Strips for simple indication of Ozone levelsQuick and easy indication of Ozone levels.

Passive TD Tubes

Tubes for the accurate sampling of VOCsValidated sampling rates for benzene, toluene, xylenes, ethylbenzene and many other VOCs.