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What is Air Sampling?

Our new Introduction to Air Sampling Brochure.


Intro Air Sampling front cover 109x153

Sampling Heads

IOM Sampler for Inhalable DustIOM Sampler for Inhalable Dust

The IOM sampler is a reusable filter cassette with a sampling head designed to better measure the worker's exposure to total airborne particulates.

IOM Part Numbers and Accessories



Cowled Asbestos Sampling HeadAsbestos Cowled Sampling Heads

The asbestos cowled sampling head is a 25 mm plastic sampler for fibre sampling (also available with an aluminium cowl). Designed for use with gridded filters.

Asbestos Sampling Heads



Plastic Cyclone for Respirable DustCyclone: Conductive Plastic for Respirable Dust

The SKC Plastic Cyclone is a lightweight conductive plastic unit that holds a collection filter in a reusable cassette during sampling. It is designed for a 50% cut-point of 5.0 µm at 1.9 L/min and 4.0 µm at 2.2 L/min.

Cyclone Part Numbers and Accessories



GS-3 Cyclone for Respirable DustCyclone: GS-3 for Respirable Dust

The GS-3 Cyclone is a 10 mm lightweight two-piece conductive plastic unit that holds a standard 37 mm filter cassette for collecting respirable dust particles. The GS-3 Cyclone is designed to meet the ACGIH/CEN/ISO respirable convention.

Cyclone Part Numbers and Accessories



GS-1 Cyclone for Respirable DustCyclone: GS-1 for Respirable Dust

The GS-1 Cyclone, a single-inlet version of the GS-3 Cyclone, provides performance equivalent to the Dorr-Oliver Cyclone but has the added advantage of being constructed of conductive plastic.

Cyclone Part Numbers and Accessories



Aluminium Cyclone for Respirable DustCyclone: Aluminium Cyclone for Respirable Dust

The SKC Aluminium Cyclone is a lightweight respirable dust sampler that is used with a filter loaded into a three-piece filter cassette. The SKC cyclone gives sharp size selection between respirable fractions at 4 or 5 µm.

Cyclone Part Numbers and Accessories



225-6201 Mini SamplerMini Sampler

The SKC mini sampler fits onto the Face Level Sampling Headset and requires a 13 mm 0.8 µm MCE Filter.

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Diesel Particulate Matter for Sub-micron dustDiesel Particulate Matter (DPM): Samplers and Cassettes for Sub-micron Dust

DPM samplers and cassettes meet the requirements of NIOSH 5040 or MSHA specifications for sampling diesel particulate matter.

Cyclone Part Numbers and Accessories



IMPACT Sampler for Particulate MonitoringIMPACT Sampler for PM10, PM2.5, PM Coarse

The SKC IMPACT single-stage inertial impactor is designed for the efficient collection of PM10 or PM2.5 in ambient air. A sampling pump operating at 10 L/min draws PM through the impactor; larger particles are captured on a disposable pre-oiled impaction substrate while smaller particles collect on a 47 mm filter.

Size selective sampling heads


Button Sampler for Inhalable DustSKC Button Sampler for Inhalable Dust

SKC Button Aerosol Sampler is a filter sampler with a porous curved-surface inlet designed to improve the collection characteristics of inhalable dust (100 µm aerodynamic diameter), including bioaerosols for total (viable plus non-viable) microbial count.

Button Sampler



parallel particle impactorParallel Particle Impactor (PPI) for Thoracic or Respirable Dusts

Only the SKC Parallel Particle Impactor has the power of 4 impactors in one small sampler to provide the closest match to the ACGIH/ISO/CEN thoracic or respirable conventions. A job no single personal impactor can do alone!

Size selective sampling heads



225 384 2 100x100Disposable Parallel Particle Impactor (PPI) for Thoracic or Respirable Dusts

Disposable version of the SKC Parallel Particle Impactor.

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Personal Environmental Monitor for Particulate MonitoringPEM: Personal Particulate Sampler for PM10 or PM 2.5

The Personal Environmental Monitor (PEM) is a lightweight, personal sampling device for collecting particulates of either 2.5 or 10 µm aerodynamic equivalent diameter.

Size selective sampling heads



Personal Modular impactor for Particulate MontioringSKC Personal Modular Impactors (PMIs) for PM10, PM2.5, or PM Coarse

SKC Personal Modular Impactors are designed for the highly efficient collection of PM10, PM2.5, or PM Coarse (PM10-2.5)

Size selective sampling heads



Sioutas Cascade Impactor for Particulate MonitoringSioutas Cascade Impactor for Coarse, Fine, and Ultrafine Particles

The personal-size Sioutas Cascade Impactor separates and collects airborne particles in five size ranges. The Sioutas Impactor is highly efficient at collecting particles without the use of impaction grease or substrate coatings and at retaining labile compounds for size-fractionated chemical analysis.

Size selective sampling heads



IFV Pro Sampler for sampling mixed-phase contaminantsIFV Pro Sampler for Simultaneous collection of mixed-phase contaminants

The IFV Pro Sampler efficiently samples compounds found in mixed phases, using an IOM-style inlet for true inhalable sampling and a sorbent tube for the vapour phase.

IFV Pro Sampler