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What is Air Sampling?

Our new Introduction to Air Sampling Brochure.


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Sample Bags

Sample Bags

SKC, the world leader in sampling technologies, produced its first sample bag in the late 1970s. The bag was made of Tedlar® film and soon became the classic sample bag for VOCs. Over the last 30 years, SKC Tedlar bags have been the number one choice of professionals for grab air sampling. However, SKC has also introduced newer high-performance materials, which provide new standards of performance for storage stability and background in bag sampling applications.

SKC manufactures its sample bags out of clean top-grade films including SamplePro FlexFilm, (SKC proprietary film), FlexFoil, FlexFoil PLUS, and FluoroFilm (FEP). Seams are strong, evenly sealed, and leak tested.


SKC sample bag fittings are not "off-the-shelf" industrial fittings, but are designed specifically for air sampling. The fittings, offered in a choice of materials, feature an efficient design that combines the hose/valve and septum fitting into one lightweight fitting. Use only PTFE tubing for bag sampling to prevent sample loss through adsorption to the tubing's inner surface.

SKC Bag Materials and Construction


  • Made of classic DuPont Tedlar film for sample integrity and valid data. It resists permeation both into and out of the bag, and is the classic bag for VOCs, being referenced in many EPA methods.

SamplePro FlexFilm

  • Good stability for a wide variety of VOCs and CO, CO2, methane and SF6.

FlexFoil PLUS

  • All the benefits of Standard FlexFoil plus detection and good storage stability for low ppm to high ppb VOCs.

Standard FlexFoil

  • The only bag that effectively holds hydrogen sulphide (H2S) for 48 hours. Good stability for low molecular weight compounds such as CO, CO2, methane, hydrogen and SF6. Light and moisture-proof.

FluoroFilm FEP

  • Inert and mechanically strong but exhibits poor storage stability for most VOCs and sulphur compounds.

Breath-gas Analysis Bags

  • Specially designed for collecting samples of human breath.

Sample Bag Accessories

  • Vac-U-Chamber for quick bag samples.
  • Vac-U-Tube for filling sample bags without an air sampling pump.

SKC Sample Bag Availability

SKC offers the largest selection of bag materials and sizes. If you require a sample bag that is not part of our standard range, why not request a no-obligation quotation for a custom bag? Available materials include Tedlar, FlexFilm, FlexFoil Standard and PLUS, and Fluorofilm, with a choice of fittings. Download our Custom Sample Bags Form



Sample Bag Brochure

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Sample Bag Stability Report

Sample Bag Stability Report

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