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What is Air Sampling?

Our new Introduction to Air Sampling Brochure.


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Direct Reading Instruments

If not properly managed particulates can be a health hazard to those exposed to them over a significant length of time. Particulates can take many forms including dry bulk foodstuffs, aggregates, aerosols, wood fibres and silica dust. SKC offers a wide range of direct reading instruments for monitoring particulates for personal exposure, workplace exposure and environmental monitoring, from the hand held respiratory monitor to the sophisticated ambient monitor for 24 hour sampling.


Haz-Dust IV Particulate MonitorHAZ-DUST IV - Personal Aerosol Monitor for Inhalable, Thoracic, or Respirable PM

The HAZ-DUST IV personal real-time aerosol monitor provides immediate breathing zone measurements of aerosol and dust for industrial hygiene and environmental air investigations. The small, lightweight unit attaches to a worker's belt while the miniature sensor easily clips to a worker's collar. Select from inhalable, thoracic, or respirable sampling heads to target a specific fraction.

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SPLIT2 Dust Monitor

SPLIT2 - Real-time Personal or Area Dust Monitor for Inhalable or Respirable Dust

The economical and easy-to-use SPLIT2 Dust Monitor is designed for personal or area monitoring for respirable, thoracic, or inhalable dust. SPLIT2 is a passive dust monitor that can become an active monitor by combining it with a personal sample pump and GS Cyclone or IOM sampling head for dust monitoring and concurrent dust sampling.

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HAZ-DUST I Dust MonitorHAZ-DUST I - Real-time Area Dust Monitor for Respirable or Thoracic PM

The HAZ-DUST I is an ideal survey tool for particulate monitoring, providing instantaneous readings for respirable dust.

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EPAM 5000 Particulate Monitor

EPAM 5000 - Environmental Particulate Monitor for PM10, PM2.5, or PM1.0

Highly sensitive and accurate portable monitor for ambient and environmental particulate monitoring. Available in kits with a 10, 2.5, or a 1.0 µm sampling head.

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EPAM 7500 Particulate Monitor

EPAM 7500 - Portable Direct Reading Particulate Monitor for PM10, PM2.5, or PM1.0

A direct reading environmental monitor with simultaneous gravimetric sampling, temperature and relative humidity measurement.

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AIR AIDE Real Time Airborne MonitorAIR-AIDE - Airborne Particulate Monitor for PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, or ISO Respirable (4.0 µm)

The portable AIR-AIDE Airborne Particulate Monitor is a fixed-point monitor for measuring lung damaging dust levels.

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