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What is Air Sampling?

Our new Introduction to Air Sampling Brochure.


Intro Air Sampling front cover 109x153

Air Sampling Pumps

SKC offers a wide range of pumps for all your sampling needs. Whether you are sampling for dusts/particulates, vapours/gases, bioaerosols or environmental, high or low flow rates, and whatever your environment we have a pump suitable for you.

For a quick overview please use our useful air sampling pump selection guide.

Sidekick Pump

For reliability - the Sidekick

The Sidekick has a flow range of 5 to 3000 ml/min and is available in three models, two of which are ATEX approved. Suitable for particulate or vapour sampling, the Sidekick has a well-deserved reputation for reliability.

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AirLite Sampling Pump

For economy - the AirLite

Powered by alkaline AA batteries the AirLite combines the benefits of economy and flexibility. It will run for over 10 hours on fresh batteries. Its small design means it comfortably fit in the palm of the hand, yet delivers a flow range from 5 to 3000 ml/min, making it suitable for dust sampling and vapour sampling.

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AirChek 3000 Pump

For safety – the AirChek 3000

The AirChek 3000 ATEX-approved pump has the highest safety rating of any pump we offer, with approval for use in flammable dust zones and in mines. With a flow range of 5-3250 ml/min it is suitable for particulate or vapour sampling. It has an IP rating of IP64, and has a rubberised case to protect against knocks.

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AirChek Touch Sampling Pump

For ease of use - the AirChek Touch

The AirChek Touch combines the benefits of a powerful, versatile pump with colour touch screen technology in a compact design. It delivers a flow range from 5 to 5000 ml/min, making it suitable for dust sampling and vapour sampling.

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Universal Pump

For versatility – the Universal

The Universal is suitable for particulate and vapour sampling and has both an inlet and an exhaust port for easy bag sampling. ATEX approved and capable of flows between 5 and 4000 ml/min without requiring an adaptor, the Universal does everything.

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Pocket Pump Touch Pump

For convenience – the Pocket Pump Touch

The SKC Pocket Pump Touch is a compact personal sample pump, ideal for low flow air sampling. The Pocket Pump Touch features touch screen operation and it is also certified for Intrinsic Safety.

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Pocket Pump

For practicality – the Pocket Pump

Our smallest programmable low-flow pump, the Pocket Pump is ATEX approved and suitable for gas and vapour sampling at flows of 20-225 ml/min. Also available in a twin-port version for bag sampling.

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AirChek XR5000 Pump

For long sample runs – the AirChek XR5000

With its high-powered Li-Ion battery, this pump is capable of running for up to 40 hours at 2 L/min and is suitable for particulates or vapours, offering a wide flow range of 5-5000 ml/min.

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Leland Legacy Pump

For high flow personal sampling – the Leland Legacy

Capable of flow rates between 5-15 L/min, the Leland Legacy is ideal for monitoring ambient air for dusts, bioaerosols or pesticides. Capable of running for 24 hours on one battery charge.

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Flite 3 Asbestos Pump

For high flow area sampling – the Flite 3

This easily portable pump is suitable for area sampling for dusts, fibres or bioaerosols. It can sample at flow ranges of 2-20 L/min, and is perfect for long run-times.

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BioLite Pump

For bioaerosol sampling - the BioLite

The BioLite pump was specifically designed for use with the SKC BioSampler for sampling biological hazards (e.g. fungal spores or bacteria) in the form of bioaerosols.

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