Sampling Vest

This vest provides safe, comfortable sampling by channelling tubing and holding pumps and media securely in place. Constructed from self-extinguishing/fire resistant breathable polyester mesh it is fitted with adjustable straps and available in two sizes. Snap-on pockets are available and purchased separately, according to the pump type, and can be fitted in 6 alternative positions, allowing up to 6 pumps to be used at the same time.

Sampling Vest, holds pump and media

  • Channel system prevents tubing snags/kinks
  • Media is held securely in the breathing zone
  • Consistent pump/media placement eliminates chance of error
  • Safety yellow and ANSI Class 2 compliant
  • Breathable polyester mesh
  • Even weight distribution for comfort
Description Pack Size Part Number
Sampling Vest with adjustable straps
Requires Snap-on Pockets, as below

Size: Small to Large
Size: XL - 3XL



Snap-on Pocket, form fitted for specific pumps:

Sidekick/AirChek 52, AirChek 3000/2000 and AirChek XR5000 pumps
Universal pumps



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